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the practice

ardesign is a full-service building design firm, specialising in the design of commercial, retail and industrial design building projects as well as residential development. Our studio office occupies an office suite located within the Western Sydney growth area.


From new construction to commercial renovation, ardesign has the capacity to produce creative, affordable solutions to meet our client's building design and construction needs.


We focus on translating the ideas and images of our clients into a design that balances aesthetic with budget, form with function - utilising our extensive experience which includes over 40 years in the building industry. We develop solutions that are modern and practical in value.


We are committed not only in providing the highest quality of service to meet the needs of our clients, but also to support the ethics of our profession.

The principal owner of ardesign is Ronald Azzopardi



  • Architectural Drafting Certificate 1977

  • Building LIcence (1992) License Number 25501C

  • Building Management Certificate 1994

  • Building Designer Accreditations 2010



  • Total for forty-two years in the building industry

  • Worked for various architects for a total of 5 years

  • Partnership with an architect within an architectural office for a total of 5 years

  • Owned and operated a design and construction office for 10 years

  • Owned and operated an architectural practice for a total of 22 years

ardesign has been an established practice for more than 22 years, we have continued to work with clients in an open and comfortable way throughout the evolution of their building projects. We are attentive to the personal philosophies of our clients in a way that develops the images from their vision into a modern design rooted in reality. The result is a collection of outstanding architectural designs in the hands of happy and satisfied clients.

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